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We have different types for the aluminum bathroom door, the normal types are aluminum swing doors, aluminum bifold doors and aluminum sliding doors.
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We have different types for the aluminum bathroom door, the normal types are aluminum swing doors, aluminum bifold doors and aluminum sliding doors. With a numbers of aluminum frame systems, we are able to provide different quality and styles to meet your decoration.

Product Information                             

Model Number



Aluminum profile, glass, ironmongery


Stock color: white, grey and coffee brown. Any other RAL is available to be customized.




Single, double glazed or triple glazed.


Kinglong or HOPO brand.

Mosquito Screen



10 years


Bubble foam for container loading. Bubble foam+steel pallet for LCL loading.


TT/Paypal/West Union

Leading time

30-45 days based on your order


50sqm in total

How to Pick a Bathroom Door
1.Choose a material for your door.
We can provide upvc and aluminum frame for the bathroom door. UPVC is very durable and resistant to rot, which means it has a long lifespan and requires very little maintenance. However, the upvc frame can degrade over the years, albeit at a much slower rate than timber windows and tend to require replacement after 20 to 30 years. Aluminum is also a highly durable material, but high quality aluminum doors can last up to 45 years because they don’t degrade in the same way that upvc can. Also, aluminum will not rust, so you don’t have to worry about your door frames sustaining unsightly patches of rust in the future.

2.Consider the swing of the door.
It’s important to evaluate whether the door should swing to the right or left because of the tight configuration of most bathrooms. You want the door to be able to open completely without interfering with cabinet drawers or door handles. The door should not swing into mirrors or windows and should not interfere with entry or egress. Choose a left-hand door if you want the door to swing to the left or a right-hand door if it should swing to the right. Keep this handing in mind when choosing hardware or installing the door.

3.Compare design options.

No matter what material you choose, you’ll find smooth or paneled doors. While a six-panel unit is common, there are dozens of other design options available to choose from. We can also customize the bathroom door for you.

Company Information


We offers the widest range of surface finishes ensuring you have more choice in how you co-ordinate the windows into your color scheme.

Powder Coated Colors

Wood finish colors available too.  

There are many options for the glass, from the thickness to the layer and color. We will recommend you the best combination of the following based on your schedule and budget.



For each window style, the accessories are different. We will do recommendation based on the window style and your budget.


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