Aluminium Double Sliding Doors

Aluminium Double Sliding Doors

aluminium double sliding doors
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How to choose aluminium double sliding doors?

First: check the tightness, remember that the bottom wheel is a built-in sliding door, because of the external bottom wheel, it is easy to water. 

Second: the load-bearing of the low wheel should be high. When you buy it, you should ask more about it, as well as shock absorption performance. 

Third: look at the thickness of the aluminum alloy. The thickness of the aluminum alloy should be more than 1.2cm. Some bad businesses like to use inferior aluminum, which is small in thickness and deformed and fractured after a long time. 

Fourth: the aluminum alloy door surface spraying, poor spraying will make the aluminum alloy surface dark, matte, rough sticky, and even discolored, falling off. 

Fifth: glass should be toughened, and 5 gold parts should be made with fine workmanship. 

Sixth: the brand is very important. Only a good brand has good after-sales and warranty.


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