Aluminium Sliding Doors For Sale

Aluminium Sliding Doors For Sale

aluminium sliding doors for sale
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Features of aluminium sliding doors for sale

1. Lightweight and high strength: most of the aluminum alloy materials are hollow core and thin-walled composite sections, which are easy to use and light in weight. Moreover, the section has a strong bending strength. The aluminium sliding door is durable and has small deformation.

2. Good sealing performance: aluminum alloy itself is easy to extrude, the cross-section size of the profile is accurate, and the price is high. The fixing groove of the sealing strip has been completed together with the section in the extrusion molding process, which creates favorable conditions for the installation of sealing materials, and the installation fit is also very high, so the whole sealing effect of the sealing strip is very good.

3. Beautiful appearance: after treatment, the surface of aluminum alloy can present different colors such as ancient lead liver copper, golden yellow, silver、white, etc., with large optional space and bright and bright after oxidation.

4. Strong corrosion resistance: the oxidation layer of aluminum alloy does not fade, fall off or need painting, easy to maintain.

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ORIDOW provide aluminium sliding doors for sales at a different quality level, customized options are welcome.

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