Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors For Sale

Aluminum Sliding Glass Doors For Sale

aluminum sliding glass doors for sale
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How to choose a suitable Aluminum sliding glass doors for sale?

When purchasing, you should first understand which parts and main parts of the aluminum sliding glass door are composed of. Aluminum sliding glass door materials are aluminum frame, glass, auxiliary materials and hardware accessories. Without one of them, you can't be a perfect sliding door.

1. Aluminum alloy frame

You can see the difference between the thickness of 1.2 and 1.4mm. It's OK for families to choose one point four thick ones. However, if the height of the ceiling in the kitchen and home is relatively large, it is recommended to use aluminum with a thickness of more than 1.6mm. In addition, if it is the sliding door of the balcony, you must choose an aluminum alloy frame of more than 2mm, because you need to bear the invasion of wind, rain, and snow, so you must use a more solid frame. This part of the money must not be saved.


2, Glass

The glass of aluminum sliding glass door must be toughened glass. The glass material must also recognize the 3C certification mark. In addition, if installed in the balcony, the glass should choose hollow glass, because the hollow glass has strong sound insulation and heat insulation effect. The kitchen can also choose the insulating glass, but considering the different budget, whether to install it can be considered by yourself.


3. Hardware accessories

The quality of hardware parts determines the service life of the door and the price of aluminum sliding glass door. Now some aluminum sliding doors will use some imported hardware accessories, which greatly enhances the service life of the door. For example, if the sliding quality of sliding doors is not up to standard, the daily use will also be impeded, which is very inconvenient. Therefore, when purchasing aluminum alloy sliding doors, it is necessary to inquire about the quality of hardware accessories and after-sales warranty.

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