Balcony Sliding Door

Balcony Sliding Door

balcony sliding doors
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The balcony sliding door is to separate the balcony and living room into an independent living function space. This door is close to the outdoor, so we should consider several functions of this door comprehensively: mosquito-proof, lighting, windproof (sealed), waterproof, soundproof, easy cleaning and no tripping.

Mosquito proof: choose the sliding door with three rails and diamond net, which is mosquito-proof and durable;

Lighting: if you want to consider the privacy of your home, you don't need to work hard on the door, you can add a curtain; in order to achieve good lighting and decoration, the glass style is simple, the colonial grills and Brittan grills are good, will not affect the lighting, can also achieve decoration The effect of recognition (because the glass is transparent, just like air, if there is no decoration, people are afraid to bump into the glass directly).

Windproof: the balcony sliding door with good sealing structure also have a direct impact on the sound insulation effect; therefore, when purchasing, it should be noted that if the frame is groove structure, the door leaf is directly inserted into the groove in the closed state, and the door leaf sealing strip cannot be seen; the upper track should be double groove, not simple Single M-shaped structure, which is conducive to wind and sway prevention.

Waterproof: because many families use the balcony as a laundry room, plus the rain will come in, so it is inevitable that there will be some water on the balcony floor. In addition to cleaning, when purchasing balcony sliding doors, it is necessary to take the track down, so as to block the flow of water into the balcony Living room: the lower track should not be too high. It can be within 1.5cm. Of course, it can also be embedded with the thick track, which is 1cm above the ground. It is better to have a small arc shape at the edge of the track, which can not only block water, but also trip, and is convenient for cleaning.

Sound insulation: in addition to the airtightness of balcony sliding doors, which will affect the sound insulation effect, the main reason is glass, so it is not recommended to make this door into a single glass, but to choose double-layer tempered hollow glass, with the sound insulation effect of 15-20 dB.


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