External Aluminium Sliding Doors

External Aluminium Sliding Doors

external aluminium sliding doors
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The components of the external aluminium sliding doors and window accessories are hardware, sealing materials and auxiliary parts.

Hardware accessories: it is the component that is responsible for the close connection between the frame and the fan of the door and window, which has an important impact on the performance of the door and window, and is the key component that determines the performance of the door and window. 

Aluminum components

Sealing material: sealant is mainly used for inlaying glass, the sealing strip is mainly used for sealing between aluminum sliding door and window frame and sash. Sealant strip is not only used for inlaying glass, but also used for sealing between door and window frame and sash, especially for aluminum casement window, but their specifications and models are different.

Auxiliary parts: connector, reinforcement, cushion, glass cushion block, fixed corner, sealing cover, etc.

window frame


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