Slimline Aluminium Sliding Doors

Slimline Aluminium Sliding Doors

Slimline aluminum sliding door, slimline edge design light luxury fashion, to meet the needs of modern simple home decoration, fashion taste, to create a personalized texture space.
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Advantages of slimline aluminum sliding doors

1. Exquisite life

In order to ensure the strength of the door leaf, the wall thickness of the profile is especially increased, and the bending resistance and compression resistance are also excellent.

2. Sliding door with slimline concealed fan

The slimline aluminum sliding door adopts high-quality pulley, which is more wear-resistant and mute; the door frame groove design makes the door leaf have more sealing performance when it is closed; the upper rail anti-sway design can resist typhoon; the silicified wool is elastic, dustproof and durable.

3. Freedom

Minimalism not only narrows the profile but also shows minimalism from every place. The handle of the slimline aluminum sliding door is two in one, the lock and the handle are integrated, and the shape is exquisite.

4. The more simple, the more extraordinary.

Seemingly simple but in essence, it needs more advanced technology and more exquisite structural design.

Special insulation profile system to ensure good permeability


Frame clad fan structure

Simple and generous appearance


Barrier free design

The lower frame of the slimline sliding door adopts barrier free design, and the transition is made by an inclined plane.


Adjustable design

As stable as the structure of bullet train track




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