White Aluminium Sliding Doors

White Aluminium Sliding Doors

white aluminium sliding doors
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The white aluminium sliding doors are composed of aluminium profile, glass, and hardware.

1. The cost of aluminum profiles directly determines the price of white aluminium sliding doors.

There are three kinds of aluminium profiles commonly used in the market: 0.8 thick, 1.0 thick and 1.2 thick.

The aluminum alloy profiles used by ORIDOW are 1.2 thick, 1.4 thick, 1.6 thick and 2.0 thick, which are far superior to the common profiles on the market.

Identification method of aluminium profile quality:

A. aluminium  door frames with the thickness of 0.8 are all square, because they are made of arc, they are easy to be compressed and shrunk;

B. let the merchants take out the cut surface of the aluminium door frame to roughly see its thickness;

C. look at the cut of aluminium profile, the cut of the small factory is relatively rough;

D. see whether the color of aluminum alloy surface coating is natural and the lifelike degree of the wood grain.

2. Glass of white aluminium sliding door.

White aluminium sliding doors are double glazed glass. Toughened glass is more expensive than float glass, and artistic glass such as Jinghua is more expensive than frosted glass and laminated glass.


3. hardware

White aluminium sliding doors hinge is generally made of aluminum alloy, which will not rust. The door lock is easy to produce. The door lock is prepared by the door manufacturer. The low-end door is generally equipped with low-grade door lock coated with film, rather than the real 304 stainless steel. The coating layer is easy to fall off, resulting in door lock rust. Pay attention to identification when purchasing.

hardware fitting

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