Nonthermal Aluminum Sliding Window

Nonthermal Aluminum Sliding Window

The nonthermal aluminum sliding window made of 728 mm section profile.
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Product Details

Product Features

1. The anti-theft screen is integrated, anti-mosquito and safe anti-theft, easy to air circulation.

2. High-strength diamond screen, high strength, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

3. Stainless steel track structure, smooth wear-resisting, strong wind pressure resistance and safer.

4. Simple atmospheric lighting, no indoor and outdoor space, easy to open

Profile: high-quality aluminum alloy profile, wall thickness 1.4mm, profile width specification: section width 728mm, profile extension, pressure resistance, and strength index meet or exceed national standards.

Glass configuration: hollow double-sided tempered glass (5+12A+5) (white glass)

Hardware configuration: Germany HOPO word lock, aluminum alloy corner code, stainless steel screw, 304 stainless steel diamond mesh screen, stainless steel combination pulley.

Sealant strip: EPDM sealant

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