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Aluminum hopper windows open inward from the top and is the perfect companion to the aluminum tilt turn window, offering additional air and light.
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Aluminum hopper windows open inward from the top and is the perfect companion to the aluminum tilt turn window, offering additional air and light. Aluminum hopper windows are opens completely, which able to allow more air ventilation, so they are popular for the small spaces, such as bathrooms and basement rooms.

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Model Number



Aluminum profile, glass, ironmongery


Stock color: white, grey and coffee brown. Any other RAL is available to be customized.




Less than 25mm thickness, single and double glazed available.


Kinglong or HOPO brand

Mosquito Screen

Retractable screen, integrated screen, three part lift-up screen


10 years


Bubble foam for container loading. Bubble foam+steel pallet for LCL loading.


TT/Paypal/West Union

Leading time

30-45 days based on your order


50sqm in total

Aluminum hopper windows  VS   Aluminum awning windows 

Aluminum hopper windows and aluminum awning windows look similar in closed position. However, hopper windows open into home (interier view), and awning windows open outward from home (Exterior view).

What is the benefits of the aluminum windows?

1.More glass option available: aluminum frame has a good strength and allows for a thinner frame, which will increase the loading ability of the windows, and you will able to choose more glass within your window.

2.Thermal broken available: ORIDOW provide both thermal broken and non thermal broken aluminum profile, which will able to provide a better heat and sound insulation.

3.Customized designs available: It is easy to open new mold for aluminum profiles, not expensive and take long time. If you need any special design, we can do the customized design for you.

Beside energy rating, what makes for a good window?
Ratings are just one way to assist with determining “good” windows from “bad”. Here’s a list of other things to look out for:

1.Seeing an actual window or corner sample: Corner samples will show the inner structure of the window including the number of chambers, thickness of the vinyl, and cross section the infrastructure. Many thinner profiled windows offer a sleeker profile however lack strength, durability and insulating properties as they are not as robust as they should be.

2.Ironmongery: The mechanical parts and aspects of a window are some of the first places corners are cut. Different brand and material of the ironmongery influence the durability and loading ability of a window very much. We provide different ironmongery options.

3. Glass: It is very important to know about the glass or glazing options in windows. Different combinations of glass and the coatings that can be applied to them will change the Energy Ratings of a Window.
 4. Frame: Not all upvc window frames (extrusions) are created equal. As discussed above, there are many lighter weight, thinner profiled frames on the market. All of our frames are reinforced with galvanized in the whole profile, which add strength and water tightness to the window. increase the loading ability of the window. 
5. Installation: All the engineering and quality manufacturing in the world will not help your

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There are many different profile series and surface treatment available for the aluminum hopper windows. The normal surface treatment is powder coated finish. You can also choose the anodized or electrophoretic painting. No matter which surface treatment you choose, you can get any RAL color you like.

Below are the different series available to fabricate the aluminum hopper windows. Some of them are able to fabricate the integrated screen, and some not. You can choose the series according to your budget.

Thermal break aluminum profile
65 series 1.4mm thickness
65 series 1.8mm thickness
95 series 1.4mm thickness, integrated screen available
108 series 1.4mm thickness, integrated screen available
120 series 1.8mm thickness, integrated screen available
135 series 2.0mm thickness, integrated screen available

Non thermal break aluminum profile
K50 series 1.4mm thickness
K50 series 2.0mm thickness
85 series 1.4mm thickness

Any RAL color is available to be customized for the profile.

There are many options for the glass, from the thickness to the layer and color. We will recommend you the best combination of the following based on your schedule and budget.

What type of glazing do you offer with your systems?
Any combination of single or double glazing can be used without any design change. The commonly used double glazing thickness is between 20 and 28mm.
How long does double glazing last?
The typical lifetime of double glazing is around 20 years, however this can vary from 10-35 years based on quality of materials, installation and where the windows are situated. Over time, the gas within the panes will gradually leak out.



For each window style, the accessories are different. We will do recommendation based on the window style and your budget.


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