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Nonthermal aluminum horizontal sliding window
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Aluminum horizontal sliding window made of nonthermal aluminum profile with double glazed glass, which is the most popular aluminum window for different projects.

85% of the aluminum horizontal sliding window is glass, which means the performance of the window almost depends on the glass units. For all our windows and doors exported to North America,  double glazed must be Tempered Glass for better protection of people's safety. The SGCC and IGCC certified glass units are the basic configurations.

For many U.S. climates, we recommend that Low-e Insulating Glass filled with Argon since the unique Low-E technology delivers balanced insulation for cold winters and hot summers. For very hot, sunny climates, the glass should allow in visible light and provide a clear view, while helps to block the heat of the sun. For cold climates – like the northern U.S. and Canada, the glass should allow the heat to flow in and warm your home, while provides excellent insulation from the cold.



Therefore, we would like to know where your project is. After checking the building code, our team could provide a suitable configuration of glass. Definitely, by updating some options, such as mentioned the warm edge spacer, ultimate Low-E glass, and so on, there is no problem for us to make any windows as you require. All these parameters could guarantee that the aluminum horizontal sliding window could pass the inspections and get approval. 

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