Thermal Brak Aluminum Window

Thermal Brak Aluminum Window

Thermal break aluminum profile can fabricate aluminum sliding window, casement window, tilt turn window. Different designs to meet your interior design request.
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Product Details

  1. Reduce heat transfer:use heat-insulated bridge aluminum alloy profiles, the heat transfer coefficient is 1.8-3.5W/m2.k.

  2. It is much lower than the ordinary aluminum alloy profile 140-170W/m2.K, which effectively reduces the heat conducted through the doors and windows.

  3. Prevent condensation: The temperature of the inner surface of the profile with the insulation strip is close to the room temperature, reducing the possibility of interior moisture condensing on the surface of the profile due to supersaturation.

  4. Energy-saving: In the winter, the window frame with heat insulation strip can effectively reduce the loss of heat through the window frame by 1/3; in the summer, if it is in the case of air conditioning, the window frame with the spacer can be more Reduce energy loss.

  5. Colorful and colorful: After the aluminum profiles are rolled and combined, the insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows can be two different colors for the interior and exterior.

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