About the quality of plastic steel windows

- Feb 12, 2019-

1. The position of the reinforcement of the window frame should be accurate (see the requirements of 5.2 for details). The reinforcement method is correct and firm.

2. loading and unloading doors and windows should be handled gently, not smashing, smashing, falling. Doors and windows components, fittings, materials, etc. used in the installation work shall be taken to prevent damage and deformation during transportation, storage and construction.

3. When temporarily fixing, the wooden wedges and blocks should not be blindly tightened, so be careful to prevent deformation of the door and window frames.

4. When filling the gap between the door and window frame and the hole, the force cannot be too large, so that the door and window frame is squeezed and deformed.

5. The finished products and materials on the construction site should be piled neatly and steadily, and safety measures such as fire prevention should be taken.

6. When installing doors and windows, it is strictly forbidden to climb the window frame, window sash and window support by hand; the safety belt should be fastened during construction operation, and it is strictly forbidden to fasten the seat belt on the window support.

7. Always check the power tool for leakage. The power tool should be equipped with a leakage protector.

8. It is forbidden to throw away discarded plastic products on the scene to prevent harmful gases from harming the human body and polluting the atmosphere.