Advantages of thermal insulation and energy saving of aluminum-wood composite doors and windows

- Jan 05, 2021-

Aluminum-wood composite doors and windows are characterized by heat preservation, energy-saving, and wind and sand resistance. Today, I will introduce the advantages of aluminum-wood composite doors and windows in heat preservation and energy saving:

It is wrapped with a layer of aluminum alloy outside the solid wood, which makes the doors and windows more tightly sealed, and can effectively block the invasion of wind and sand. When the scorching heat is unbearable, it can block the outdoor heat and reduce the loss of indoor air-conditioning. In the cold winter, it will not freeze or condense, and it can also keep noise out of the window.

According to reports, the wood used for aluminum-clad wooden doors and windows is the northern European red pine near the Arctic and the larch from the virgin forests of Northeast Asia. After the strict screening, anti-corrosion, degreasing, and flame-retardant treatments are used, and German bonding is used. Glue guarantees the strength, corrosion resistance and weather resistance of the wood. This kind of window adopts a double-layer sealing structure, and the automobile sealing tape is used on the doors and windows, so the effect of heat insulation and heat preservation is particularly outstanding.