Finished protection of plastic steel windows

- Feb 13, 2019-

1. Doors and windows should be placed in a clean and flat place and avoid sun and rain, and should not be in contact with corrosive substances; doors and windows should not directly touch the ground, and the lower part should be placed with wooden blocks, and should be placed upright, the vertical angle should not be less than 70 degrees, and should take anti-tip measures.

2. The ambient temperature of the storage doors and windows should be no less than 5 °C, the distance from the heat source should not be less than 1 m, and the time for the doors and windows to be placed on site should not exceed two months.

3. During the installation process of doors and windows, the surface cement mortar should be removed in time.

4. The installed window frame and the opening of the fan shall not be used as the transport channel.

5. It is strictly forbidden to mount scaffolding on the door and window frame, fan, and heavy objects; the outer scaffolding shall not be pressed on the door and window frame or the fan, and it is strictly forbidden to step on the window frame, window sash or window support.

6, should prevent the force device from scratching the surface of the door and window, and should prevent electric and gas welding spark burns the surface layer.

7. When decorating work, measures should be taken to prevent door and window pollution and it is strictly forbidden to collide with doors and windows.