How to clean casement windows in high-rise buildings?

- May 07, 2020-

1. With the help of a long handle glass brush If you can't reach the window outside, you can use the glass brush with a long handle to wipe the window. In the same operation sequence, pour the cleaning agent on the outside window glass, and then use the glass brush to pull up and down to brush off the stains on the window. 

2. Use double-sided glass cleaner Double-sided glass cleaner, also known as double-sided glass wiper, is a glass cleaning tool that can be adsorbed on glass. Double-sided glassware is mainly divided into two types: single-layer glassware and double-layer glassware, which is a glass specifically designed for some buildings, windows on high-rise residential areas, large-area glass, or glass that is not easily accessible on both sides Cleaner. 

3. Ask a professional to wipe Most commercial buildings are cleaned by professional glass cleaners. If you live in a high-rise building and you do not plan to do it yourself, and you have enough budget, you can also invite some trained window cleaners to clean the windows outside your home. The advantage of this is convenience and safety.