Installation specifications and precautions of aluminum doors and windows

- Jan 03, 2020-

After buying aluminum doors and windows, the first thing to consider is how to install them, and what should be paid attention to when installing them? Let's learn about it with ORIDOW.

  1. The opening of aluminum alloy window shall be horizontal and vertical, and the outer frame shall be elastically connected with the opening. The outer frame shall not be directly embedded in the wall.

  2. For horizontal and vertical combinations, sleeve insertion shall be adopted to form a curved surface combination by lapping. The lapping length should be 10 mm and sealed with sealing paste.

  3. When installing the sealing strip, the expansion allowance shall be reserved, which is generally 20-30mm longer than the assembly side of the window. The corner shall be cut off at an inclined plane and firmly pasted with adhesive to avoid contraction joint.

  4. The gap between the window frame and the wall shall be filled according to the design requirements. If there is no requirement in the design, we are going to use the foaming material to fill in layers, leaving a 5-8mm deep slot on the surface of the gap, and filling in the sealing material.

  5. After the plastic steel window is installed, a spray test shall be carried out according to relevant regulations to check its sealing performance. After installation, the window must have reliable rigidity. If necessary, reinforcement can be added and anti-corrosion treatment shall be carried out.

It is suitable for all kinds of aluminum alloy sliding doors and windows.

Precautions for installation of aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. When using multiple groups of combined aluminum alloy doors and windows, attention shall be paid to the assembling quality, and the splicing head shall be flat without cutting edges or channeling angles.

2. During the construction, the product protection shall be done strictly, the damaged protective adhesive tape and film shall be sealed in time, and the mortar dirt splashed on the door and window surface shall be removed in time to avoid the pollution and color biting of the aluminum alloy door and the window surface.

3. The thickness of the door and window glass shall match with the size of the mullion inlay groove and sealing strip, which shall meet the national standards and design requirements. When installing the sealing strip, there shall be expansion space to avoid the sealing strip falling off.

4. The glue dirt on the surface of doors and windows shall be cleaned with special solvent or cotton yarn dipped in clean water. The redundant traces filled with sealant shall be cleaned in time, and the surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows shall not be scratched, and the finished surface of aluminum alloy doors and windows shall be clean and beautiful.