Maintenance methods and purchasing skills of metal doors and windows

- Apr 16, 2020-

Metal doors and windows are easy to rust and need to be maintained. What are the maintenance skills of metal doors and windows? Today, Hennessy will make up the solutions for you one by one.

1. Correct use of doors and windows

When using doors and windows, don't push or pull violently. Be sure to use them with dexterity. And don't hang heavy objects at the door and window handles to affect their bearing capacity. In addition, pay attention not to scratch or bump against the main body of the door and window, which will affect the overall aesthetics. In the subsequent use, it is necessary to choose the best door and window in the early stage, so that the later stage can be more comfortable and warm. When using, it must be stable in structure and superior in performance, so that it can be used more comfortable and reassuring.

2. Learn to clean properly

Some opportunities are most likely to appear in the groove of doors and windows and the door sealing strip. If we can, we can use a vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning, which is more convenient. There is also to avoid sewage infiltration into the gap, if in cleaning, with new water or neutral detergent, it is OK to wipe.

3. Remove hidden dangers regularly

To be on the safe side, we'd better regularly eliminated some hidden dangers, for example, there will be some small parts in the doors and windows. If the connection is loose or damaged, it should be replaced or repaired in time, so as to ensure that your future products are guaranteed and safer.

4. Pay attention to daily maintenance

If the doors and windows are exposed to the wind and rain for a long time, it is necessary to clean up some water in time, so that it will be more convenient to use and will not reduce the performance. A lubricating oil should be ordered every six months, which is more convenient.

Selection skills of metal doors and windows

When purchasing doors and windows, ask about the performance of the products. The performance of doors and windows is mainly divided into water tightness, airtightness, heat preservation, sound insulation, safety, wind pressure resistance index, etc.

Water tightness: mainly inspect whether the doors and windows will leak when it rains or snows.

Airtightness: it mainly inspects whether the doors and windows leak, whether it feels windy when standing in front of the window and whether there is dust adhesion at the sealing place of the window, which can be seen whether the airtightness of the doors and windows is good or not.

Thermal insulation: the thermal insulation property of doors and windows is mainly reflected in the thermal insulation coefficient of doors and windows. The lower the thermal insulation coefficient of doors and windows, the better the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows. At present, the UW value ≤ 2.0W / ㎡ · K on the market is the door and window with better thermal insulation.

Soundproofed: the soundproofing property of doors and windows has a great impact on people's life, especially in the neighborhood of squares, roads, stations, families with old people and children. A good soundproofing door and window can really improve the happiness index of family life.

Security: burglaries and robberies enter from doors and windows, so safe aluminum alloy doors and windows can not only play the role of anti-theft, some intelligent aluminum alloy doors and windows can also play the role of fire prevention and gas leakage prevention.

Wind pressure resistance index: the wind in the north is generally strong at level 10. It is rare that the wind force exceeds level 8 in cities. However, in coastal areas where typhoons often come to visit, doors and windows with good wind pressure resistance are really necessary for the home.