Plastic steel door manufacturing process

- Feb 19, 2019-

Plastic steel doors are mainly raw materials such as polyvinyl chloride, modified polyvinyl chloride and resin. According to certain design requirements, the lining steel is filled in the profile cavity according to the relevant national standards. The lining steel is generally 1.5mm galvanized cold-rolled steel. ), using a special machine for cutting, welding, and installation. It has the irreplaceable performance of aluminum alloy doors, steel doors and wooden doors. Compared with plastic doors, plastic steel doors have the following advantages:

(1) The material of the plastic steel door has the advantages of non-ignition, non-self-ignition, non-combustion, and self-extinguishing;

(2) The thermal conductivity is much lower than wood and metal; the insulation effect is much better than aluminum.

(3) In the environment between -30 ° C and -70 ° C, in the hot sun, heavy rain, dry and humid environment, no deformation, no discoloration, no brittleness, erosion of acid and alkali drugs and waste gas, not dust , the impact of cement, glue.

(4) The well-designed door structure is equipped with a drainage trough, the joints are tight, and the rainwater can be completely isolated, and the sound insulation is less than 20 UP.

(5) After cleaning with detergent, the light is as bright as new, and the service life is generally more than 30 years.

In the home decoration, the kitchen, bathroom and other places are relatively humid and there is a lot of dust and dust. The doors of these places need to have fireproof and heat insulation, waterproof and moisture proof, easy to clean and so on. Because the plastic steel door has the above advantages, it is widely used. The ground is used as a kitchen door, a bathroom door, and the like.