Plastic steel window selection method

- Feb 09, 2019-

First of all, the profile should be selected. Considering that most houses have large windows (such as balconies) and high-rise buildings, the wall thickness of the profile should be greater than 2.5 mm. The inner cavity is a three-chamber structure with a closed drainage cavity and Isolation cavity, reinforcement cavity, in order to ensure that the window does not deform for decades. In addition, such profiles are less prone to discoloration and are less prone to aging.

Secondly, it is necessary to observe the surface finish of plastic steel doors and windows, whether there are obvious scratches, whether there are cracks at the welding corners, and whether the clear angle is beautiful and uniform.

Third, hardware accessories should try to use accessories with good performance and flexible opening and closing.

High-quality plastic steel doors and windows should be combined with the advanced window design so that the residents will benefit for life. For example, for residential buildings with high outdoor noise, it is best to use plastic steel windows with insulating glass, which has excellent sealing and sound insulation effects. For example, from the perspective of the design of the window type, different window patterns can be designed according to different needs. When designing the window type, generally in the following order: A. function; B. practical, beautiful C. ahead. For example, the higher-grade window is open to the upper hanging window, which is suitable for the owner's living room; the study room and the living room should use the outside window, and the balcony should be sashed. Large windows with holes can be combined with windows.

The window is part of the building. It should have the same long life as the building. Choosing a good door and window is also a good guarantee for the quality of the home.