Simple classification of plastic steel doors

- Feb 17, 2019-

Plastic steel doors and windows are made of polychlorohexene (PVC) resin as the main raw material, plus a certain proportion of stabilizers, colorants, fillers, UV absorbers, etc., after extrusion molding, and then through cutting, welding or screwing The method is made into a door and window frame fan, which is equipped with a sealing strip, a top strip, a hardware, etc., and at the same time, to strengthen the rigidity of the profile, a steel lining (reinforcing rib) needs to be added in the cavity of the profile exceeding a certain length, so that the portal is made The window is called a plastic steel door and window.

1 According to the opening method, it is divided into: fixed window, upper hanging window, middle hanging window, lower hanging window, vertical turning window, swinging door and window, pulley casement window, pulley window, swinging and lower hanging door and window, sliding door and window, sliding and sliding Window, folding door, floor spring door, lifting sliding door, sliding folding door, inner sliding door.

2 According to the performance, it is divided into: ordinary type doors and windows, soundproof doors and windows, and insulated doors and windows.

3 According to the application parts are divided into: inner doors and windows, outer doors and windows.

4 by brand: Gujia plastic steel door, Xinlin doors and windows, Shide doors and windows, conch doors and windows, Wu Zhitao doors and windows, good Jiaxi doors and windows.

5 according to the manufacturer classification: Beijing Gujia doors and windows, holy sea doors and windows, Aisyiou doors and windows, top doors and windows, and imperial doors and windows.