Task of energy conservation and emission reduction is undertaken by double thermal profile

- Nov 06, 2019-

As people who are very interested in energy conservation, they have been looking for different topics to discuss energy conservation and emission reduction. Of course, people who know me know that I am also a person who has a strong interest in cars and home furnishings, but these two parts of interest and energy conservation and emission reduction also have a great relationship. Previously, an article was published on the emission reduction and energy conservation policies of the automobile industry implemented by the state, including the popularization of pure trams and the continuous reduction of the emission of internal combustion engine vehicles to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. Of course, these are all small-scale discussions, and the results are obvious. Most people think that pure tram technology is very immature. Reducing the emission of internal combustion engine vehicles deprives consumers of driving pleasure and driving quality. However, the national energy conservation and emission reduction plan is a major direction and a global one. We only patiently and slowly transition.

Back to the topic of this time, the author wants to discuss the energy-saving aspects of home furnishings: from home furnishing materials to the use of water and electricity, there is a great relationship with energy consumption. However, for energy conservation and emission reduction of home furnishings, so far, the author can use a joke to describe, that is, the most important thing is the women and children at home, your mother, and your daughter-in-law, because they often nag about the high cost of water and electricity, asking you not to waste.

It seems like a joke, but in fact, we should think deeply. For a single-family, energy conservation may only mean an expense, but for the whole country and even the whole human beings, energy conservation and emission reduction really need to be paid attention to, and a consensus must be formed. In advanced countries, the awareness of environmental protection has been popularized, but in China, there is no denying that the real awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction is still in a concept, which only the country is trying to implement. When it comes to popularization, I'm afraid there is a long way to go.

What I want to discuss with you this time is some ideas about an active energy saving of home furnishings, global warming, especially in the South and Guangdong, it's so hot in summer that even Africans want to go back home. Therefore, the air conditioning utilization rate is very high, and the electric charge in summer is also rapid development. Of course, on the contrary, in winter, it's also the heating season. Never before thought that this consumption could be greatly saved. So, what is the so-called active energy saving? In fact, it is to install integrated energy-saving doors and windows at home. Of course, the functions of energy-saving doors and windows are not only limited to energy conservation but also have strong functions such as anti-weather, sound insulation and so on.

Double thermal  five cavities with high insulation frame

Double thermal with five cavities insulated profile

Speaking of this, the author must show you some data to illustrate that the global environmental protection data of energy-saving doors and windows. As early as 1977, Germany conducted in-depth research on energy-saving doors and windows, and strictly monitored the heat transfer coefficient of doors and windows. The heat transfer coefficient of doors and windows is w / m · K, which is called K value for short. From 3.5w/m · K in 1977 to 0.8w/m · K in 2013 (the lower the value is, the better), it can be seen that the advanced countries have been committed to the construction of home environment and environmental protection, and the technology is changing with each passing day.

In China, the concept of environmental protection started slowly, and the specific development scale of energy-saving door and window products has been formed in the past 10 years. According to the relevant data, China's door and window products can reach the level of 2.8w/m2 · K in 2013, which is equivalent to the level of Germany in 1984. At that time, in terms of door and window technology, China was far behind the advanced countries for nearly 30 years. However, based on the excellent human resources and production resources, China is rapidly following the international pace. By 2017, the K value can reach about 1.5.

The lower the thermal conductivity is, the better the energy-saving effect is. Simply speaking, if you install an energy-saving and environmental friendly door and window with excellent performance, when it's very hot outside in summer, you turn on the air conditioner in interior, and the air conditioner's air-conditioning is well protected by the energy-saving door and window, which greatly reduces the loss of air-conditioning and the pressure of the exterior compressor, so as to achieve a good energy-saving effect. However, in winter, the truth is the same, the exterior is very cold, interior heating can effectively reduce the loss of heating. In the whole year, the same space, the same refrigeration and heating products, and the families using energy-saving doors and windows can save 20% - 30% of the electricity cost according to the different product grades, which is what we call the concept of active energy-saving home.