Is the wall thickness of aluminum profile the thicker the better?

- Dec 19, 2019-

Many people customize the concept of aluminum doors and windows: the more solid the materials, the more materials, the higher the corresponding price, and the better the quality. Is the wall thickness of aluminum profiles the thicker the better? Is that right?


It is believed that the thicker the aluminum profile is, the better its strength and wind pressure resistance are. In fact, there are national standards for the wall thickness of aluminum alloy door and window profiles: 1.4mm for window profiles and 2.0mm for door profiles. The wall thickness of aluminum profile is only one of the measures to evaluate the performance of aluminum doors and windows. Good doors and windows need to be reflected in the following aspects:

1. Profile wall thickness

2. The internal cavity structure of aluminum alloy frame and the bridge breaking structure make the doors and windows more soundproof, heat insulation and environmental protection.

3. Hardware configuration. Hardware is used in our daily opening and closing, which is related to the safety, anti-theft and other performance of doors and windows.

4. Sealing mode: whether to add glue or glue.

5. Glass configuration

6. Whether each component of the whole door and window is independently developed and designed to form a complete system.

All of the above factors affect the quality and performance of doors and windows. I hope they can help you!