What material is good for the windows?

- Jul 15, 2020-

    In the early days, it was not made of aluminum alloy, but iron windows, but then aluminum alloy windows gradually appeared in everyone’s lives. When aluminum alloy windows appeared in everyone’s lives, they were affected. It is widely recognized by everyone, and at that time, the aluminum alloy profile windows were loved by everyone because of their low price and relatively affordable. At that time, the aluminum alloy profile windows had a strong decorative ability, and they were generally silver-white. It looks very tall and can be perfectly integrated with the wall at the time, so its popularity at that time is very high.


    However, aluminum alloy profile windows have certain shortcomings, that is, their hardness is not enough and can block normal impacts. If they can be hit with something, they cannot withstand it. Of course, in the society at that time, the "gentleman on the beam" was also Especially rampant, so many families are at risk of being stolen, but there were also corresponding solutions at the time, that is, aluminum alloy anti-theft windows. It can be said that this kind of building has been passed down to the present.


    The appearance of plastic steel profile windows is an upgraded version of aluminum alloy profiles. It is not a real steel profile. The plastic steel profile windows at that time can be said to be very popular. Plastic steel profiles are better than ordinary aluminum alloys. The hardness of the profile is much stronger because there is still a layer of steel lining sandwiched in the profile. Of course, this layer of steel lining is not as simple as ordinary steel. It is a high-density steel lining that has been specially treated and processed. It can be said that the clamping of this layer of steel lining has indeed greatly improved the hardness and sound insulation effect, but it also has certain shortcomings. Most of this profile is used to make plastic steel doors, and only a few are It is made into a window, but the window made of this profile can actually meet the requirements of anti-theft, and the hardness is also very large, and it can be completely anti-theft.


     However, with the development of science and technology, some "gentlemen of the Liang" are also learning the techniques. Nowadays, burglaries are not breaking windows. They use some technical means to break the locks of their windows. However, when entering, it can be said that the burglary was completed without being discovered by the owner. Don't underestimate this fact.


     Then the last thing I want to introduce is the windows of the broken bridge aluminum profile. The broken bridge aluminum profile is only a new product of this era. The raw material is aluminum, but this type of aluminum profile and ordinary aluminum alloy profile is completely two kinds. The difference between the profile is not just the name. The two profiles are completely different in performance and range of use. It is no exaggeration to say that windows made of broken bridge aluminum profiles are harder than plastic steel windows. This is professionally tested. The load-bearing capacity of the window of the broken bridge aluminum profile can reach 120 kg, but the maximum load-bearing capacity of the plastic steel window is 90 kg. This is just one point, and the broken bridge aluminum profile uses professional hardware locks. , Including the lock cylinder or handles and pulleys are all professionally processed. The anti-theft performance can be said to be the best anti-theft performance in the entire metal window. Can be used as the first choice for buying windows.