What type of sliding door is good for the kitchen?

- Aug 06, 2020-

The dining room is a place for a family to eat, and the pleasant dining atmosphere can make people feel the warmth of the family. For most houses, the dining room and kitchen are very close. If you don't want the fume in the kitchen to choke in the dining room, it is very necessary to make a good partition.

The use of sliding doors as partitions has become a popular trend nowadays, and light sliding doors are generally used for kitchen partitions. A good kitchen sliding door can greatly improve the overall aesthetics of the house, so how to match the design of the sliding door between the dining room and the kitchen?

Single leaf sliding door design:

If the kitchen opening is relatively small, it can be made into a single sliding door. Single-track sliding, a door can be opened and closed left and right, which takes up less space. The kitchen and dining room are separated by a door, which not only divides the area space well but also forms a closed space for the kitchen. The single sliding door is also suitable for toilets with relatively small space.

Double-leaf sliding door design:

Many kitchens use sliding doors made of hollow frosted glass. The dining room can achieve sound insulation. The kitchen also has a certain insulation effect. The entire kitchen and dining room are transparent and opaque. This design is very simple and lightweight, effectively separating the kitchen space and the dining room, making the kitchen space more independent and concealed.

You can even design three sliding doors with "Tic Tac Toe" partitions and choose the same color as the cabinet to make your kitchen look so luxurious!

If your kitchen has a large opening, then make it into four sliding doors, and choose the sliding doors that match the style of the whole room, which is even more elegant!

Use aluminum alloy sliding doors to separate the kitchen and dining room. Not only can you choose the style of the sliding door according to the overall home style of the house, if there are elderly and children in the house, you can also choose to use hanging rail sliding doors, hanging rail sliding doors It not only saves the trouble of frequent cleaning of the lower rail but also makes it easier for children and the elderly to enter and leave the kitchen.