About The Sealing Strip Problem Of Aluminum Alloy Door

- Mar 11, 2019-

Another feature of the aluminum alloy door is its strong decoration. The reporter visited some building materials stores and found that most of the aluminum alloy doors are inlaid with various artistic glasses. These glasses have a single layer, and also have double-layer insulating glass with strong stereoscopic effect and good sound insulation effect.

The introduction of aluminum alloy door experts, choose aluminum alloy doors with inlaid glass, especially products designed with insulating glass, we must pay attention to its sealing performance. If the sealing property is not good, the hollow layer will be contaminated and the appearance will be affected. The brand products adopt high-quality sealing strips and are fully sealed by advanced hot-press sealing technology, which can effectively prevent dust and water, and the sound insulation effect is outstanding.

Reminder: Check the sealing of the aluminum alloy door glass compartment. In addition to checking whether the front glass glue coating is tight, check whether the sealing strip on the back glass is flat, and it is required to have no curling or grooving.