About The Thickness Of Aluminum Alloy Doors

- Mar 10, 2019-

The aluminum alloy profile has the characteristics of high strength, strong corrosion resistance and low deformation. Why do some aluminum alloy doors have not been used for one year? After analysis, under normal use, the aluminum alloy door is deformed, probably because the thickness of the aluminum alloy used is too thin. It is understood that the aluminum alloy interior doors for consumers to purchase in the building materials market have various thicknesses such as 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and 1.2 mm. The aluminum alloy door with a thickness of 1.0 mm or more has better strength and will not be deformed for 5 to 8 years under the premise of normal use. However, some small manufacturers cut corners in order to reduce production costs, and even used aluminum alloy profiles with a thickness of only 0.6 mm to make bathroom doors. Such aluminum alloy doors are prone to deformation due to insufficient thickness of the material.

Reminder: The thickness of the profile directly determines the pros and cons of the aluminum alloy door. When consumers buy aluminum alloy doors, don't try to use cheap aluminum alloy doors with thin profiles.