Aluminum Alloy Door And Window Making Coup

- Mar 16, 2019-

The production of aluminum alloy doors and windows is mainly divided into several steps:

The main constituent materials of the casement window

A. Window frame section - There are frame edge profiles for the perimeter of the window frame for the I-shaped window material profiles between the window frames.

B. Sash section - sash frame, glass bead, and rubber bead for sealing glass.

C. Casement window hardware - mainly sash handles, wind braces and sash fastenings.

D. Connections for window frames and sashes - aluminum angle profiles with a thickness of about 2 mm and self-tapping screws for M4 X 15 nun.

E. Window sash glass - usually 3mm thick glass.

Common tools for construction

Commonly used tools are aluminum alloy cutting machine, hand electric drill, nine round knives, R20 semicircular knives, cross screwdrivers, styluses, iron feet compasses, steel rulers, iron angles and so on.