Aluminum Alloy Window Construction Preparation

- Mar 17, 2019-

The main work before the construction of aluminum alloy window is the size, style and quantity of the verification window. Check the specifications and quantity of aluminum alloy profiles and check the specifications of aluminum window hardware accessories.

(1) The size and style of the re-inspection window In the decoration project, the aluminum window is usually installed and installed on site. According to the construction site inspection according to the construction drawing, whether each piece of the pattern matches, can be installed. If you find a problem, you should report it in time and discuss the problem-solving method with the relevant personnel.

(2) Check the specifications of hardware and other accessories. Aluminum alloy window hardware is divided into two categories: sliding window and flat opening. Each series has several series, so check whether the hardware provided is made with aluminum before production. Alloy window matching. At the same time, Shenzhen decoration should also check whether various accessories (such as various edge bandings, rubber edge seals and bump pads) are matched, and whether it can be connected with aluminum profiles. If it is not matched with the aluminum profile, it will be too tight or too loose.