Development Of Plastic Steel Windows

- Mar 23, 2019-

The plastic window was developed in the late 1950s by West Germany and began production in 1959. The original plastic windows were all simple and rough. With the worldwide energy crisis in 1972, plastic windows with good energy-saving effects in the early 1970s were used extensively, which also promoted the improvement of profile production technology. The performance has improved day by day, from the original single-cavity profile to three-cavity and four-cavity profiles, which also led to the development of plastic doors and windows in Europe and Asia. According to incomplete statistics, the use of plastic doors and windows in Germany has accounted for 52% of the door and window market, Austria is 48%, and developed countries such as Switzerland, Britain, France and Italy also have 10%-20%; American plastic windows in the seventies At the beginning, the annual growth rate of usage is over 15%. The plastic windows in Asia are Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, and Thailand.