How To Make Aluminum Alloy Window

- Mar 07, 2019-

There should be no obvious damage to the decorative surface of the door and window. It means that the protective film on the surface of the door and window should not have scratches and scratches. There should be no noticeable chromatic aberration on the colored surfaces of adjacent members on the doors and windows. There should be no aluminum chips, burrs, oil spots or other stains on the surface of the doors and windows, and there should be no spilled adhesive at the joints.

Folding to see the material

Whether it is broken bridge heat insulation aluminum profile, the main profile wall thickness should be greater than 1.4mm; the same aluminum alloy profile should have the same color, if the color difference is obvious, it is not suitable for purchase; check the surface of aluminum alloy profile, there should be no depression or bulging; oxidation The thickness of the film should be 10 microns. When you purchase it, you can scratch it on the surface of the profile to see if the oxide film on the surface can be wiped off.

Folding to see the assembly

Repeatedly switch multiple times to check whether the switch force is too heavy; whether the seal is firm; whether the hardware assembly is complete; whether the sash window frame overlap is in compliance with the requirements (standard requirements: the casement window is not less than 6mm, and the sliding window is not 8mm).

Folding to see the glass

Whether it is hollow glass, there is no coating.