How To Make Waterproof Maintenance Of Aluminum Alloy Doors And Windows

- Mar 18, 2019-

First: Since the general aluminum doors and windows are recessed, the top of the window must be drip eagle to prevent the capillary phenomenon of rain.

Second: The aluminum alloy doors and windows should be coated with a waterproof coating (asphalt) from the window side of 300MM. Before the waterproof coating is applied, the lead ash oil should be coated with the ash to be painted.

Third: the concrete should be sealed with water-repellent agent around the window. Please pay attention to the waterproofing agent. Because ordinary concrete loses water after coagulation during solidification, the inside is hole-shaped, and water will seep from the hole to the room. The interior of the concrete to which the water repellent is added is dense and does not seep. (And the domestic use of foaming agents do not know how effective)

Fourth: Waterproof sealant should be used at the intersection of the window frame and other materials.

Fifth: All the opening windows should be covered with a water-proof board to prevent rainwater from flowing into the room from the opening up.

Sixth: Glass and aluminum alloy frame materials should be sealed with glue. Do not use rubber strips.

Seventh: It is better to design a boss at the bottom of the window. The surface of the boss is located behind the glass surface, so that the water collected from the surrounding does not flow into the room along the window sill.

Eighth: The glue joint between the window sill and the window at the bottom of the window should be designed to face outward instead of facing upwards, and the sill should also be designed with an outward facing slope. Ninth: If it is a single glass, the condensate guide hole should be designed at the bottom of the window at a quarter of the glass.

Tenth: The second side of the window should pay attention to the second, third, fourth. The construction should be strictly done for the four-week interface treatment. According to the actual engineering experience, pay attention to the above ten points, the doors and windows should not leak.