How To Strengthen Quality Management For Aluminum Alloy Doors And Windows Enterprises?

- Mar 15, 2019-

In today's increasingly fierce competition in the aluminum alloy door and window market, quality, cost, delivery time and service have become the four major factors of enterprise competition. Quality is the first, and it is closely related to the other three factors. Therefore, the quality is in aluminum. Sino-Australian status in doors and windows enterprises. No matter which industry, quality is always the life of the enterprise. Under the conditions of market economy, if enterprises want to survive and develop, they must control and strengthen quality management, serve customers well, and improve the core of the enterprise through high-quality products. Competitive, thus occupying the mid- to high-end market.

I believe that many aluminum door and window companies have no quality department, and even the inspectors have saved. The establishment of the quality department not only plays a supervisory role, but also corrects the progress of quality management, which helps to improve the efficiency of quality control and strengthen quality management. However, some people have misunderstood here. They believe that the quality depends on the inspectors and the quality department. Even the business operators think that quality is the problem of the quality department itself, and naturally the quality and operation are out of touch.