Material Requirements For Plastic Steel Windows

- Mar 24, 2019-

1. The specifications and models of plastic-steel windows should meet the design requirements. The quality and mechanical properties of the windows conform to the requirements of the current national standards, and have a factory certificate.

2. The three basic physical properties of the window against wind pressure, air infiltration and rainwater infiltration should meet the requirements and design requirements of the three performance classifications in the current national standards, and the quality inspection report of this level is attached.

The engineering design has no specific requirements for insulation and sound insulation performance.

3. The models, specifications, performance and requirements of hardware, fasteners, reinforced steel and metal plate used in the window shall comply with the relevant provisions of the current national standards.

4. the variety, specifications and quality of glass should comply with the provisions of the current national product standards, and have product certification. Tempered glass must be used for a single piece of glass larger than 1.5 m2.

5. window and hole sealant should have elasticity and adhesion.